CHC-logo.ashxCrafton Hills College, Occupational Education Building, San Bernardino City USD. Budget: 16,700,000. Start date 12-16-13 (NTP-1), anticipated finish date 6-19-15.

The (N) OE2 Building consists of (2) separate wings connected by a linear spanning building element. The Building will be Type II (B) Construction wi an A Group A-3 Occupancy Classification (fully
sprinklered) .

The structural system will consist of a”concrete foundation system with a steel frame structure reinforced with buckling restrained brace frames (BRBF’s).

The primary program functions include Fire Academy Classrooms & Offices wi adjacent fire truck vehicular storage. General Classrooms and Meeting Rooms will be located on the linear spanning building element on Level 2. Respiratory Care I EMS Classrooms and Offices will be located in the westerly wing on Level.

The exterior envelope of the (N) OE2 Building consists of CMU veneer, insulated metal wall panels, vertical aluminum plate clad “fins”, integral exterior cement plaster and storefrontlcurtain wall window systems. Roofing systems shall consist of adhered membrane at the Roof Level, non-adhered membrane wi stone ballast and precast concrete pedestal pavers over a liquid applied water barrier at Level 2.

The Project is designed to be LEED Silver Certified.

  • Skills : DSA Inspection, SBCUSD
  • Scott Bedgood, DSA Inspector Class 1