CHC-logo.ashxCrafton Hills College, New Physical Education Complex, San Bernardino City USD. Budget: 18,000,000. The new PE Complex sits adjacent to the existing Crafton Hills College Aquatic Center, the new Physical Education Complex Building includes a 3100 square-foot fitness center, yoga studio and dance studio, as well as faculty offices an storage.

Exterior materials include a masonry veneer and custom aluminum curtain wall, while the interiors have been designed to support the specialized physical activities in each instructional space, such as a sprung-wood vinyl floor in the dance studio.

The project also includes a 1080-foot landscaped and artificially lit accessible pathway linking the campus to the Physical Education Complex. The building will achieve a LEED Platinum rating through sustainable design strategies such as passive solar orientation, daylighting, recycled and renewable materials, a cool roof, on-site stormwater detention and treatment, water-efficient landscaping, airflow monitoring, solar power, occupancy and photometric sensors.

Engaging it’s hillside location, the building minimizes its presence from the hillside above while opening toward the south with views to the playfields and campus below

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  • Skills : DSA Inspection, SBCUSD
  • Matthew Bangert, DSA Inspector Class 1