546542_512672905432343_679062291_nElementary School #5 is a new school located in the Antelope Valley in the community of Lancaster. The school consists of two permanent structural steel framed, with light guage metal stud fill in framing, buildings, eight permanent steel framed modular classroom buildings, and two temporary steel framed single story relocatable classroom buildings.

The first of the two main permanent structures is a multipurpose building which includes an assembly area, cafeteria, and a raised performing arts stage. The the second building will house the schools administrative staff, with spaces included for a library and a computer laboratory. The exterior of these two buildings has a unique look in that the lower portion of the walls is stucco while the upper section is ribbed sheet metal panel siding. The interior of the two buildings exhibts painted gypsum board walls and open and exposed structural steel beams at the ceiling.

The permanent modular classroom buildings are set on standard concrete footings with stucco to match the two main buildings as the exterior wall finish. Temporary relocatabe classroom buildings complete the site structures and are set on treated wood foundations. Exterior ply sheathing makes up the exterior wall finish and is painted to match the other site structures.

In addition to the structures mentioned above, the site site includes asphalt and grass play areas and areas for staff and visitor parking. A combination of chain link fencing and wrought iron fencing have been utalized to enclose the campus.


  • Skills : DSA Inspection, EUSD
  • Dave Cass, DSA Inspector Class 1