img-microsite-logo-sbvc-origThe business building is an older building made up completely of concrete walls, floors, and roof. The building was demoed before the DSA project started construction. The contract is for 9 million plus and with change orders will top out at around 10 million plus. The construction consists of grade beam footings, structural steel for a canopy at the elevator area, and associated ADA work.

Site work includes landscaping with new concrete, trees, and shrubs. This is a technology wonder for the campus as the internet speed throughout the building will be A plus.  The conference room is finished with wood grill ceilings on t-bar grid and the building also has smart rooms. The roof is standing seam metal and the exterior of the building is cladded with metal panels and stucco intermixed.

  • Skills : DSA Inspection
  • Gary Michael, DSA Inspector Class 1