Dear Knowland Construction Services,
Thank you for your generous sponsorship in supporting the Monrovia Wildcat Wrestling Team! Your generous contribution was the driving force behind a trip to Connecticut. Your sponsorship helped support the kids travel back East for a cultural exchange with Ledyard High School. The kids attended classes at Ledyard for a week, practiced with the team, stayed with sponsoring families, and wrestled a tournament in Connecticut. This trip is sure to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of the young student athletes at Monrovia High School.

We truly appreciate the sponsorship from Knowland Construction Services. Our budget has been cut do to district cuts and our team only survives through sponsorship and fundraisers. We are working hard to keep our team from being dropped and your donation is a huge step in that process. Our team hopes teach kid’s important life lessons such as responsibility, commitment, and a desire to always do your best. Please know that Knowland Construction is a huge contributor toward the development of these young men and they truly appreciate all you do for them!

Daren de Heras , Monrovia Wrestling